Community. Alaunt in Adorazione dei Magi by Gentile da Fabriano.jpg 871 × 492; 123 KB. 30.05.2020 - Erkunde Olivia Wehners Pinnwand „Mastiff“ auf Pinterest. Photos. They are the blood line... Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 This is the first group of Molosser dogs which are bred true to type. SEO rating for Please, enable it in the browser! 1 talking about this. Weitere Ideen zu hunde, mastiff welpen, molosser. • • • • • • The Molosser Breed Molosser may be the reputation for your number of dogs that have many different varieties of significant , carved dogs that every descended from your very same standard canine. Da ich kaum etwas ansprechendes zu kaufen fand, wurde ich selbst tätig etwas zu erschaffen. 9 month old dog.jpg 1,920 × 2,560; 606 KB. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. 884 talking about this. They are the... Alabay "Asian" - Central Asian ShepherdThe Central Asian Shepherd was formed 4,000 years ago as a guard... SUMMARY AS PASSED SENATE: (all summaries) Tethering animals; adequate shelter and space. Brand. or. Weitere Ideen zu hunde, molosser, mastiff welpen. „Doggen und andere Molosser in Not“ Willkommen! Community. Page Transparency See More. Here is the definition, explanation, description, or the meaning of each significant on which you need information, and a list of their associated concepts as a glossary. About. 07.08.2012 - Molosser Dogs Gallery - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog/War dogs See more ». Create New Account. Press alt + / to open this menu. med windows xp. Log In. Find the perfect Molosser stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. It is good with other pets if it is raised with them from puppy hood, it needs early socialization with other animals. Find the perfect Molosser Dogs stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. Unionpedia is a concept map or semantic network organized like an encyclopedia – dictionary. 9 likes. AMERICAN TUNNEL TERRIER(Tunnel Terrier)AMERISTAFF BULLDOG(Ameristaff Bulldogge, Colorado Ameristaff, Amrist Aff Bulldog)AMLISH BULLDOG APPENZELL CATTLEDOG(Appenzeller Sennenhund, Appenzeller, Appenzell Mountain Dog) ARKANSAS GIANT BULLDOG ASSYRIAN MASTIFFAUSTRALIAN BANDOG (Australian Bandogge Mastiff, Aussie Bandogge, Australian Giant Bandog, Australian Mastiff) AUSTRALIAN BULLDOG(Aussie Bulldog)AUSTRALIAN BULLTERRIER (Outback Bullterrier, Outback Bully) AUSTRALIAN BULLDINGO MASTIFF (Bulldingo, Australian Bulldingo) AUSTRALIAN PARDOGGE(Aussie Pardog) AUSTRALIAN BULLY DANE(Australian Bullmastiff-Dane)AUSTRALIAN BULLY GREYHOUNDAUSTRALIAN MASTIFF(Australian Bushman Mastiff, Bushman Mastiff)AZORES CATTLEDOG (Cao de Fila de Sao Miguel, Azores Cowdog, Fila de Sao Miguel, Sao Miguel Bulldog) BABYLONIAN MASTIFFBANDOGGE (Bandog, Old English Bandogge, American Bandog Mastiff, Pitbullmastiff) BANTER BULLDOGGE(Banter Bulldog, American Brabanter Bulldog)BARRENBEISSER/BULLENBEISSER(Baerenbeisser, Bear Biter, Bear Fighting Dog, Bull Biter, Bull Baiter, Bulldogge) BASTARD PUGBAT TERRIER(American Bat Terrier)BELGIAN MASTIFF(Matin Belge, Chien de Trait, Old Belgian Watchdog) BENSON MASTIFF(Benson Bulldogge, Benson's Tibetan Bulldog)BLACK SWAMP BULLDOG(Black Swamp Bulldogge)BLOODAFILABLOODAHOULABLOODHOUND(Blood-Hound, British Bloodhound, Saint Hubert Dog, Chien de St.Hubert, Hubert Bloodhound, English Bloodhound, Continental Sleuth-Hound)BLUMENWEILER(Bluminweiler, Bloominweiler, South African Rottweiler)BOERBOEL (Boer Boel, South-African Bandogge, Boer Mastiff, African Bullmastiff, South-African Boerboel, African Farm Mastiff) BOERBOXER(Boer-Boxer)BOSTON TERRIER (Boston Round Head Bulldog, American Round Head Bullterrier, Round Head, Round Head Terrier)BOULEDOGUE DU MIDI (Midi Mastiff, French Midi Boxer, Midi Bulldog, Dogue de Midi, Midi Bullenbeisser) BOXER (German Boxer, Boxer Dog) BOXTON(Boxton Terrier, Boxton Bulldogge)BOXWEILER, BOZ SHEPHERDBRABANTSE BULLENBIJTER(Brabanter, Brabant Bullenbeisser, Brabant Bulldog) BRAZILIAN BANDOGGE(Bandogue Brasileiro, Brazilian Bandog, Olde Brazilian Bandogge, Brazillian Bandogge)BRAZILIAN CABECUDO CATTLEDOG(Cabecudo, Cabecudo Boiadeiro das Minas Gerais, Cabecudo Brasileiro, Onceiro Brasileiro, Boiadeiro Brasileiro, Brazilian Big-Headed Cattledog, Fila Onceiro, Fila Cabecudo, Cabecudo Ox-Driver, Cao da Fila Cabecudo, Big-Headed Fila Brasileiro, Minas Gerais Cattledog)BROHOLMER (Danish Broholmer, Danish Dogge, Danish Mastiff, Jaegersprishunden, Frederik VII's Dog, Broholm Dogge) BUCCIRISCU CALABRESE (Calabrian Bucciriscu, Calabrian Dog, Calabrian Cane Corso) BUG(Bug Dog, Bug Terrier)BULL ARAB (BullAraber, Bullarab, Australian Pig Dog, Aussie Bull-Arab) BULL-BOXER (English Bull-Boxer)BULDOGUE SERRANO(Brazilian Mountain Bulldog, Serrano Bulldogge, Brazilian Bulldog, Buldogue Brasileiro, Brasilian Serrano Bulldog)BULDOGUINHO BRASILEIRO(Miniature Brazilian Bulldog, Buldoguinho, Brasilian Buldoguinho, Brazilian Miniature Bulldogge)BULLMASTIFF (English Bullmastiff, Gamekeeper's Night dog) BULLNESE (American Bullnese)BULLPUG BULL-ROTT(American Bull-Rott)BULLTERRIER (English Bullterrier, Bull Terrier, British Bullterrier, Standard Bullterrier) BULLY KUTTA (Pakistani Bully Kutta, Bully Cutha, Pakistani Fighting Dog, Pakistani Bully Mastiff, Bohli Kutta, Pakistani Mastiff) CA DE BOU (Majorca Bulldog, Perro de Presa Mallorquin, Dogo Mallorquin, Majorca Mastiff, Alano Mallorquin) CAMPEIRO BULLDOG(Campeiro Bordoga, Bordoga, Burdogue Pampeano, Buldogue Campeiro) CANADIAN BULLDOG CANE CORSO ITALIANO (Cane Corso, Cane Guzzo, Sicilian Mastiff, Cane di Carretierre, Italian Bullmastiff, Cane di Macellaio, Cane da Presa Pugliese, Mastino Pugliese, Sicilian Bulldog, Corso Dog, Italian Cane Corso, Italian Corso Dog, Italian Mastiff, Can' Guzzo, Italian Molosser) CANIS PANTHER (American Canis Panther, American Panther Dog) CARLIN PINSCHER(Miniature Rottweiler, Pug-Pin)CARMANIAN MASTIFFCATAHOULA BULLDOG(Catahoula Bulldogge)CATAHOULA BULLTERRIER(Catahoula Bull Terrier, Catahoula Bull And Terrier)CATAHOULA LEOPARD DOG (Louisiana Leopard Dog, Clearwater Mastiff, Catahoula Dogge, Louisiana Leopard, Catahoula)CATAHOULA PIT BULL DOG (Catahoula Pit Bull)CATAHOULA RIDGEBACK(Catahoula Ridgeback Dog)CHINESE BULLDOG(Chinese Fighting Chow, Chinese Fighting Dog)CHINESE BULLTERRIER(Chinese Fighting Shar-Pei, Chinese Fighting Dog)CHINESE CHONGQING DOG(Chongqing Dog, Chinese Bamboo Ratter) CHINESE SHAR-PEI (Shar Pei, Hong Kong Shar-Pei Dog) COLORADO BULLDOG(Colorado Bulldogge, Colorado Mastiff, Colorado Bandogge)CONTINENTAL BULLDOG(Swiss Bulldog, Pickwick Old Type Bulldog, Pickwick Bulldog, Angehrn Bulldog, Pickwick Bulldog Old Type)CORDOBA FIGHTING DOG (Viejo Perro de Pelea Cordobes, Perro de Presa de Cordoba, Cordoba Bulldog, Cordoba Dog, Perro de Presa Argentino, Perro Peleo de Cordobes, Old Cordoba Fighting Dog) CORSICAN MASTIFF(Matin Corse, Mastino Corsicano, Alano Corsicano, Corsican Dogge, Old Corsican Mastiff, Dogo Corsicano, Cane E Presa Corsicano)CORSO PUGLIESE(Canadian Cane Corso, Cane Corso Pugliese, Canadian Cane Corso Mastiff)COYPU TERRIER(Coypu Hunting Terrier)CROSSBOW OLDE BULLDOGGE CUBAN BLOODHOUND(Cuban Hound, El Gran Cubano Negro, Sabueso Cubano, El Gran Perro Cubano, Mastino Cubano)CUBAN DOGGE (Dogo Cubano, Cuban Bulldog, Cuban Bullmastiff, Perro Cubano Blanco, Cuban Bulldogge) CYPRO KUKUR (Indian Cypro Kukur, Uttaranchal Mastiff, Kumaon Mastiff, Indian Cyprus Dog) CZECH BULLDOG (Czesky Reznicky Pes, Reznicky Bulldog) DANZIGER BULLENBEISSER(Danziger Bulldog)DEUTSCHE DOGGE (Great Dane, German Dogge, German Mastiff, Ulmer Dogge, Alano Aleman, Kammerhunde, German Alano) DOBERMANN PINSCHER (Dobermann, Doberman, German Doberman, Doberman Terrier, Giant Pinscher)DOGO ARGENTINO (Argentinian Mastiff, Argentinian Dogge, El Gran Perro Argentino) DOGO BELGRADO(Belgrado, Belgrade Dogge, Belgrade Bulldogge, Beogradska Doga, Belgrade Mastiff)DOGO GUATEMALTECO (Guatemalan Bullterrier, Guatemalan Bulldog) DOGO ROMANO(Mastino Romano, DeMarco Mastiff)DOGO SARDO (Dogo Sardesco, Cani Pertiatzu, Sardinian Cattledog, Sardinian Dogge, Canis Pertiatzus, Sardesco Bulldogge) DOGO SICILIANO(Mastino Siciliano, Sicilian Dogge, Alano Siciliano, Sicilianer, Dogo Bianco, Sicilian Watchdog, White Sicilian Mastiff)DOGUE BRASILIERO (Brazilian Bullboxer, Brazilian Dogge, Dogue Brasileiro, Brazilian Bulldog) DOGUE DE BORDEAUX (French Mastiff, Bordeaux Dogge, Bordeaux Mastiff, French Dogge, French Alano) DOGUIN d'AQUITAINE(Bouledogue Bordelais, Aquitaine Bullenbeisser, Bouledogue de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Bulldog, Aquitaine Bulldog, Butcher's Doguin)DONOVAN PINSCHER(American Pinscher, Donovan's Pinscher)DORSET OLD TYME BULLDOGGE (Dorset Bulldog, Barnett Bulldogge, Old Tyme Bulldogge)DUDLEY TERRIER(Dudley Bullterrier, Black Country Bulldogge, Dudley Staffordshire Bull Terrier)DUTCH MASTIFF(Old Dutch Mastiff, Dutch Bullenbeisser)ELYMAEAN MASTIFFENGLISH BULLDOG (Bulldog, British Bulldog) ENGLISH BULLEN BORDEAUX TERRIER(Bullen-Bordeaux Terrier, English Bull Bordeaux Mastiff)ENGLISH MASTIFF (Mastiff, British Mastiff, Old English Mastiff) ENGLISH MASTWEILER(Mastweiler, Rottstiff, British Mastweiler)FILA BRASILEIRO (Brazilian Mastiff, Fila Braziliero, Brazilian Bloodhound, Cabecudo, Cao da Fila Brasileiro) FLYING W MASTIFF (American Mastiff, American Flying W Ranch Dog, American Anabull Mastiff, American Wagner Mastiff) FRENCH BULLDOG (Bouledogue Francais) FRENCH BULLMASTIFF (Boulemastino Francais) GEORGIA BULLDOGGE(Georgia Bulldog, Olde Georgia Bulldogge)GERMAN BOAR HOUND (German Suliot Hound, Old German Boarhound, Teutonic Suliot Dog)GERMAN BANDOGGE( Deutsche Bandogge, German Bandog, Germanische Bandogge)GERMAN BULLTERRIER (Deutsche Bullterrier, German Pit Bull, German Bulldogge) GIANT MASO(Maso Mastiff, American Maso Mastiff, Maso)GREAT LAKES BULLDOGGE(Olde Northern Bulldogge, Old Northern American Bulldog)GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG (Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund, Greater Swiss Farm Dog, Greater Swiss Cattle Dog) GREEK BULLDOG GREEK CATTLEDOG(Ellinikos Poimenikos Booeidon, Greek Cattle Dog, Hellenikos Poimenikos Booeidon, Greek Bobtailed Cattledog, Greek Pinscher)GRIFFIN BANDOGGULL DONG (Pakistani Bulldog, Gull-Dung, Guldong, Guldung, Gulldong, Bully Gull Terr, Bullygulterr, Bullygulterr Hound, Bully Gulter, Bully Gulldong, Pakistani Bullygulterr)GULL TERR(Pakistani Terrier, Gulter, Gullterr, Pakistani Bullterrier)GWYLLGI MASTIFF(Welsh Mastiff, Welsh Black, Black Gwyllgi Mastiff)HAITIAN BULLDOG (Creole Pit Bull Dog) HERMES BULLDOGGE (Hermes Bulldog, Hermes Olde Bulldogge, Hermes Olde English Bulldogge)HYRCANIAN MASTIFF(Hyrcanian Tiger Dog)IMPERIAL U.S.A. BULLDOG INDIAN ALANGU MASTIFF (Alangu Mastiff, Sindh Hound, South-Indian Mastiff, Thanjavur Mastiff, Kutch Hunting Mastiff) INDIAN BEARDOG(Combai, Indian Bear Hound, Indian Combai)INDIAN BOARHOUND(Rajapalayam, Indian Rajapalayam, Rajapalayam Dogge, Rajapalayan, Rajapalayam Boar Hound)INDIAN BULLTERRIER (Bull Terr, Indian Terrier) INDIAN SINDH MASTIFF(Indian Mastiff, Rajasthan Fighting Dog, Sindh Mastiff) INU NUSTO(Japanese Inu Nusto, Japanese Bull Terrier, Japanese Street Dog)IRISH BULLDOG (Old Irish Bulldog)IRISH STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER (Irish Bullterrier, Irish Pit Bull, Irish Staff) ITALIAN BULLDOGGE(Italian Bulldog, Giacobbe Italian Bulldogge)ITALIAN BULLTERRIER (Italian Bully, Italian Bull Terrier) ITALIAN PARDOG (Pardogge Italiano) JAPANESE TOSA (Tosa Inu, Tosa, Japanese Fighting Dog, Tosa-Ken, Japanese Mastiff, Tosa Token) KANAWAR DOG(Indian Kanawar Dog) KANDA BULLDOGGE(Kanda, Kanda Bully, Kanda Mastiff, Pakistani Kanda)KING DANE (King Great Dane, King Bull-Dane) KING DOBERMAN (King Dobermann Pinscher, Giant Doberman)KOHATI BULLDOG (Kohat Bully, Kohat Kutta, Kohati Hound, Kohati Bully Kutta, Kohat Bulldogge) KOREAN DOSA MASTIFF (Mee-Kyun Dosa, Dosa Inu, Korean Mastiff-Dosa, Beauty Tosa) KOREAN TOO-KYUN FIGHTING DOG(Korean Tosa, Too-Kyun Dosa, Korean Too-Kyun Mastiff)LAKOTA MASTINO (Supernatural Bandogge, Light Mediterranean Mastiff, Shiloka's Bandogge) LARSON LAKEVIEW BULLDOGGE(Larson Bulldogge, Lakeview Bulldog)LEAVITT BULLDOG (Leavitt's Olde English Bulldogge, Leavitt Bulldogge) LOTTATORE BRINDISINO (Brindisi Wrestler, Cane Lottatore Brindisino, Lottatore Pugliano, Brindisino Pit Fighter, Wrestler Dog) LYME MASTIFF(Lyme Hall Mastiff, Cheshire Mastiff) MAJORCA SHEEPDOG (Ca de Bestiar, Mallorquin Shepherd, Perro de Pastor Mallorquin) MAJORERO(Bardino Majorero, Perro de Ganado Majorero, Majorero Watchdog, Majorero Cattledog, Perro Majorero)MALCHOWER(German Malchower)MALTESE BULLDOG(Kelb Tal-Gliet, Maltese Bull) MALTESE MASTIFF(Mastino Maltais, Malta Watchdog) MARSHALL WATCHDOG(Marshall's Bulldogge, Marshall Mastiff)MASTERSON BULLDOGGE(Masterson Hog Dog, Masterson's Bulldog)MASTINO FONNESE(Mastino Sardesco, Fonnese Mastiff, Pastore Sardesco, Sardinian Mastiff)MEDIAN MASTIFF(Median Fighting Dog)MEXICAN BULLDOG (Perro de Toro Mexicano) MOLOSSIAN BULLDOGMEZZOCORSO (Cane della Murgia, Mezzocorso Italiano, Murgia, Mezzocorso Pugliese, Murgia Dog) MINIATURE BOXER(Pugrat, Mini Boxer, American Miniature Boxer)MINIATURE BULLDOG(Miniature English Bulldog)MINIATURE BULLMASTIFFMINIATURE BULLTERRIER (Miniature Bull Terrier)MINIATURE MASTIFF(Pugmastiff, Mini Mastiff, Brindle Pug)MOSCOW MASTIFF(Russian Dogge, Moscow Dogge, Russian Alano, Moskovskaya Doga, Russian Mastiff, Soviet Dogge)NAGI BULLDOGGE(Nagi, Nagi Bully, Nagi Hound, Nagi Bully Kutta, Nagi Boarhound, Nagi Mastiff, Pakistani Nagi) NEAPOLITAN MASTIFF (Mastino Napoletano, Neapolitan, Cane di Napoli, Neopolitan Mastiff, Naples Mastiff, Mastino di Napoli)NEBOLISH MASTIFF (Nebolish Bulldogge) NEW ALAUNT(Plummer Alaunt, British Alaunt, The New Alaunt Dog, New British Alaunt)NEW ZEALAND BULLDOGGE (Maori Mastiff, Manukau Pit Dog, Kiwi Bullterrier) NIVERNAIS MASTIFF (Mastino Nivernais) NORTHWOODS BULLDOG(Northwoods Bullterrier, Lattimer Bulldog, Wisconsin Pit Bulldog, Northwoods Bulldogge)NUNLEY OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE (Nunley Bulldog)OKEECHOBEE BULLDOGOKLAHOMA BULLDOG (Oklahoma Bulldogge), OLD ISTRIAN BOARHOUND(Istarski Svinjar, Mletacki Svinjar, Staro-Istarski Molos, Veprash, Istrian Mastiff)OLDE BOSTON BULLDOGGE (Boston Bulldog, Boston Bull, Boston Bulldogge) OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE(Old English Bulldog, OEB)OLDE IRISH BULLDOGGE(Olde Irish Red Bulldogge, Irish Red, Old Red, Old Irish Bulldog, Olde Tyme Irish Red Bulldogge)OLDE TYME AMERICAN BULLDOGGE(Olde Tyme American Bulldog, Olde Tyme Southern Bulldogge)OLDE TYME STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER(Olde Staffordshire Bull And Terrier)OLDE VICTORIAN BULLDOGGE(Woody Bull, Woods Victorian Bulldogge)ORI PEI (American Ori Pei, American Shar-Pei Dog)PAI DOG(Pai, Chinese Pai Dog, Pai Pug)PATTIPAKISTANI BOARHOUND(Shikari Kutta, Pakistani Boar Dogge, Shikari Hound)PAKISTANI SINDH MASTIFF(Sindhi Bully Kutta, Sindhi Bully, Pakistani Sindhi Bully Kutta, Pakistani Mastiff)PERRO DE PRESA BOLIVIANO(Bolivian Bulldog, Presa Boliviano, Bolivian Mute Bulldog)PERRO BRAVO(Bravo Bulldog, Colombian Brave, Bravo, Colombian Bulldog)PERRO PAMPA (Argentinian/Paraguayan Bulldog, Pampa Dog, Pampa Bulldog, Perro Pampa Argentino, Perro Pampa Paraguayo) PERSIAN MASTIFFPODOLIAN BOARHOUND(Cossack Boarhound, Ukrainian Beardog, Cossack Hound)PORTUGUESE CATTLEDOG(Cao de Castro Laboreiro, Portuguese Castro Laboreiro Dog) PORTUGUESE XOCHASO(Madeira Xochaso, Madeira Watchdog, Xochaso, Madeira Farm Dog, Perro de Presa Madeira, Banana Dog) PRESA CANARIO (Dogo Canario, Perro de Presa Canario, Canary Dog, Canary Island Dogge, Canary Bulldogge, Canary Island Fighting Dog), PUERTORICAN MASTIFF (Gran Mastin de Borinquen, Borincano, Gran Mastin de Borinquen, Perro Barsino de Hacienda, Becerillo de Borinquen, Mastin de Borincano, Gran Mastin de Puerto Rico, Puertorican Borincano) PUG (Chinese Pug, Pug Dog, Mops, Carlin) QATAR WATCHDOGRED CLOUD BANDOG RED SMUT(Scottish Red Smut, Glasgow Smut, Scottish Red Bulldogge)RENASCENCE BULLDOGGE(Renascence Bulldog)RENEGADE BULLDOGGE (Olde Tyme Renegade Bulldogge) RENO BULL TERRIER(Reno, Reno Bulldogge, Reno Bull, Nevada Bulldog)RHODESIAN RIDGEBACK (Ridgeback, SouthAfrican Lion Dog, Zimbabwe Ridgeback, Bwana Makuba, Pronkrug)ROCKY MOUNTAIN BULLDOGGE(Rocky Mtn. SHIN AKITA(Shin Akita Inu, Kairyo Ken, Odate Shin Akita, Japanese Fighting Akita)SICILIAN BRANCHIERO (Branchiero Siciliano, Cane da Branco, Cane di Macellaio, Sicilian Branco Dog) SLEUTH-HOUND(Old British Sleuth-Hound, Scottish Sleuth-Hound, Scottish Bloodhound, Old English Bloodhound, Border Hound)SOUTHERN BULLDOG(Olde Southern Bulldoge)SPANISH BULLDOG(Perro de Toro Espanol, Presa de Toro, Spanish Alano Bulldog, Perro de Toro) SPANISH BULLTERRIER (Perro de Pelea Espanol, Spanish Pit Bull) STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIER (Staffordshire Bullterrier, Stafford, Staff, English Staffordshire Terrier, Staffy, Staff-Bull) STONEHENGE BULLDOG(Stonehenge Olde Bulldogge, Stonehenge Bulldogge)STRYKER DOGGE(Stryker Mastiff, Stryker Bulldogge)SULIOT DOG(Greek Suliot Dog, Hellenic Suliot)SUMERIAN MASTIFFSUSSEX BULLDOG (Sussex Bulldogge, Old Sussex Bulldog)TAMBAKOSKYLO(Cyprus Mastiff, Greek Cyprus Masiff, Cyprus Dogge, Cyprus Island Bulldog)TANGO(Tango Hound, Tango Hog Dog, Tango Bulldogge)TAURUNUM DOGGE (Zemunac, Taurunum Watchdog, Zemun Mastiff, Gypsy Pit Bull, Zemunsko Kuce, Ciganski Terijer) TENNESSEE TERRIER(Tennessean, Tennessee Jagdterrier)TERCEIRA MASTIFF (Cao de Fila da Terceira, Rabo Torto, Terceira Island Watchdog) TEXAS OLDE BULLDOGGE(Texas Bulldog)TEXAS TERRIER (Red Guthrie Terrier)TIBETAN BULLDOG TITAN BULLDOGGE(Titan Bulldog, Perro Buldogue Titan, Morales Bulldogge)TITAN TERRIER(Titan Bullterrier)TOULOUSE BULLDOG(Dogue de Toulouse, Bouledogue de Toulouse, Toulouse Mastiff, Bouledogue Toulousain)TURKISH BULLDOG(Izmir Pit Bull Dog) ULTIMATE MASTIFF(American Neo-Bordeaux Mastiff)URUGUAYAN BULLDOG(Perro de Toro Uruguayio) URUGUAYAN GAUCHO DOG (Perro Cimarron, Perro Gaucho, Cimarron Uruguayo) VALLEY BULLDOG VENEZUELAN BULLDOG (Perro de Presa Maracaibo) VICTORIAN BULLDOG(Mollet's Victorian Bulldog)VILLANO BULLDOG(Villano de las Encartaciones, Perro de Presa de las Encartaciones, Villano Cattledog, Encartaciones Hound, Villano Espanol)VUCCIRISCU (Sicilian Vucciriscu, Sicilian Butcher Dog, U Vucciriscu, Vuccirisco) WATSON BULLDOG(Watson Olde Bulldogge)WILDBUNCH BULLDOGGE WILKINSON'S ORIGINAL ENGLISH BULLDOGGE (Original English Bulldogge)XANDER BULLDOG(Xander Bull, Xander, Xander Bulldogge)YANKEE BULLTERRIER (Olde Yankee Bulldogge, Great White Yankee, American Bull And Terrier, Yankee Pit Dog) YORKSHIRE BANDOGGE(Olde Yorkshire Bulldogge, Olde English Bandogge, Yorkshire Bandog)ZULUBULL (African Zulubull, American Zulu Bull Terrier, Zulubully).